All Big Six Publishers sell ebooks to Libraries!

Hachette Book Group just announced some pretty exciting ebook news – their ebooks will be available through the OverDrive and the 3M Cloud Library platforms starting on May 8.

That “technically” means that all of the Big Six publishers now sell ebooks to libraries. OK – not really. Simon & Schuster still only sells to New York area libraries – they’re still in pilot project mode. So for most libraries  we still have to wait a bit for the pilot project to play out.

But still – this is big, promising news for libraries and ebooks. For most libraries, within a year, all Big Six publishers will sell ebooks to libraries. Very cool news indeed!

More information can be found here:

Hopeful news!

Ebook Business Model Scorecard from ALA

The American Library Association’s Digital Content & Libraries Working Group (DCWG) recently released their Ebook Business Model Scorecard. What is it? “This document focuses on the kinds of licensing terms we see generally in the ebook industry at this time, and the kinds of variables libraries should consider when bargaining with publishers, or when libraries determine that they want to develop their own business models, as some proactive libraries already have done.”
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