Libraries, Advocacy, and Ebooks – Who’s Doing What

reading ebooksTopeka & Shawnee County Public Library created Ebooks for Libraries because we wanted to help other librarians keep up-to-date with issues surrounding ebooks in libraries. But we’re not the only library out there trying to further the cause of ebooks in libraries!

What are other libraries doing? Here’s my list so far:

State Library of Kansas and their Big Six Facebook Page: Here’s what they say about their Facebook Page: “Six major publishers are making it difficult, if not impossible, for libraries to purchase eBooks. Those same six publishers are responsible for publishing nearly all the bestsellers.” They’re working to shed light on the issues surrounding ebook access and pricing for libraries.

Evoke: a group of Colorado libraries created this site for this reason: – “libraries need to learn how to manage several emerging channels of digital content. We’re doing that in Colorado. At this site, you’ll find all the tools and aids we developed to help ourselves.”

Pierce County Library System’s Publishers: Stop Being Scrooge! This site is focused on library customers, with this goal in mind: “to learn why Pierce County Library System can’t offer you the e-books you want and how you can help us get them for you…”

Save My N Library’s Ebooks Page – an advocacy and explanation page about ebooks in libraries.

ReadersFirst: ReadersFirst is a movement to improve ebook access and services for public library users, and has signed up 192 library systems to date. Their goals include allowing catalog access to ebooks, the ability to place holds, check out items, etc from that catalog, allow libraries to choose content, devices, and apps from any provider, and to download ebooks that are compatible with all ebook readers.

Building their own thing: Douglas County Libraries and Califa are libraries/library consortiums that are creating their own ebook access platforsm. There are other libraries discussing this concept, as well.

Petitions and Boycotts: There are quite a few of these, including:

OK – like I said, that’s my list. What’s missing? Let me know in the comments, and I’ll add it to the list!

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  1. TRMite

    Explain boycotts against Random House…I know they are overpricing but doesn’t it make more sense to target those not even sitting at the table? just explain what I am missing here.