We Want Ebooks for Libraries!

Ever wondered what your library shelves would look like if you removed all the books you can’t get in an ebook format? This video shows you what that shelf would look like (warning – it’s pretty scary). I’d love to hear your thoughts on it!

Why did we make this video? Pretty simple: Most of us, if we’re honest, really don’t know much about the current ebook landscape. The issues, the hurdles, or even the possibilities.

But EbooksForLibraries.com is here to help! You’ve seen us go after 10,000 signatures for our petition (check out these videos for more info – video 1, video 2, and video 3). Now, we’re turning this site into a public awareness and news site focused on ebooks for libraries.

We’ll do that through articles, videos, and infographics.

Our goal isn’t to complain, but to share information about the current ebook landscape, and how it affects libraries. We’ll explain current issues, and what they actually MEAN for libraries.

So subscribe now! RSS or email. it’s easy! And stay tuned – we will definitely be posting more.

9 thoughts on “We Want Ebooks for Libraries!

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  3. refugeek

    We’re emerging into an existence where ebooks and elibraries are elements of an ereality where, expectantly, everyone eventually elicits the explicit emptiness of elife. Where’s my Kindle?

  4. Mark S.

    Just trying to understand the landscape… you took off all the books not available to libraries as ebooks… what would the shelf look like if you took off all the books not available to anyone (libraries, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Google, iTunes, Sony Reader, Kobe) as ebooks? Would that shelf look like?

    1. davidleeking

      Well, in my example shelf’s case, the three books remaining on the shelf would still be there (because every single book was available as an ebook somewhere to someone). but if we did the same thing with one of our bookshelves of older books, there would still be quite a few older books, non-fiction titles, etc that would remain on the shelves.

      Not nearly everything is in an ebook format yet!

  5. pat wong

    if sharing is bad for the economy, but libraries are a crucial to democracy, how will your capitalism triumph?

  6. Rhonda Watts

    So a library can pay up to five times as much for an e-book as an individual would–is the same true for ink-and-paper books? And do some publishers have policies similar to the one that requires a library to buy a new copy of a book after it’s been checked out a certain number of times, but for non e-books?

    I have a Kindle and I love checking out e-books from my library, but I always wondered why there were so many books I could buy from Amazon, but couldn’t check out from the library. Thanks for shedding some light.