Recent Petition Comments

  • I travel and getting ebooks is the best way for me to get books. I am retired and I can't afford to buy books so I must use the library

    Sally; Alabama, United States

  • We need access to more ebooks!

    Rebekah; Colorado, United States

  • e

    Michelle; Colorado, United States

  • Ebooks are a great way to save paper, thereby saving the trees (one of our greatest natural resources).

    Kawna; Colorado, United States

  • Libraries need more ebooks!

    Suzi; Colorado, United States

  • Please, please, please let libraries have access to all books in shook format. I LOVE being able to read my text in larger print. So much easier for me to read.

    Mary Lynn; Indiana, United States

  • It just makes sense for our communities to have all forms of information available.

    Robyn; Colorado, United States

  • please make your publications available as eBooks for our library. Thanks, John Miller

    John; Colorado, United States

  • Please cater to the next generation and expand ebooks in libraries.

    Shirley; Colorado, United States

  • more e books in the libraries please.

    Beth ; Colorado, United States

  • the best way to allow persons with handicaps to access reading material

    Don; Colorado, United States

  • I'm a teacher and my students love to read on their Kindles and Nooks. They should be able to!

    Ryan; North Dakota, United States

  • Allowing readers to check out your books in ebook form won't diminish your sales, it will increase them. All you are doing is making that book more well known, encouraging more readers to buy it. Please allow libraries to buy your ebooks, to make readers everywhere more happy.

    Kayla; Colorado, United States

  • To collect books for library

    Krishnakumar; Andhrapradesh, India

  • We read exclusively on e-readers these days and would love to have more choices from our library. We are retired and have lots of free time. Thanks for listening.

    Janis; Colorado, United States