Recent Petition Comments

  • We need more e-books.

    Eilleen; Colorado, United States

  • Please allow libraries to rent e books. Some of us have a hard time getting to the libraries.

    Denise; Colorado, United States

  • Don't be greedy!

    Amanda; Colorado, United States

  • Different formats for books is now what our patrons want. It is important to libraries and to those who support us that we be able to supply their needs. Please publish ebooks!

    Diane; Iowa, United States

  • We need them - we want them! I use my ereader, and read what is available. If publishers don't allow their books in libraries, I don't read no book buzz from me to my friends. I have always used my library and I have always purchased books also - it's the same with ebooks. I usually buy a book AFTER I read it, if I loved it.

    Linda; Iowa, United States

  • Please let our Colorado libraries purchase EBooks. They are so convenient and easy to use especially while traveling.

    Susan; Colorado, United States

  • Encourage the use of e-readers!! Help make more books available!!

    Carol; Colorado, United States

  • When more ebooks are available in libraries they're available for more people to read, like them, and buy them, putting money in your pockets.

    Erica; Colorado, United States

  • E-books in libraries will get your books read and sold...I often buy a book after I have checked it out.

    Juli; Colorado, United States

  • I travel and getting ebooks is the best way for me to get books. I am retired and I can't afford to buy books so I must use the library

    Sally; Alabama, United States

  • We need access to more ebooks!

    Rebekah; Colorado, United States

  • e

    Michelle; Colorado, United States

  • Ebooks are a great way to save paper, thereby saving the trees (one of our greatest natural resources).

    Kawna; Colorado, United States

  • Libraries need more ebooks!

    Suzi; Colorado, United States

  • Please, please, please let libraries have access to all books in shook format. I LOVE being able to read my text in larger print. So much easier for me to read.

    Mary Lynn; Indiana, United States