Recent Petition Comments

  • The e books as a resource is a win-win. It introduces me to the format. Over time it has encouraged me to then purchase/download other ebooks that were of interest but not necessarily ones to get thru the library.

    Susan; Kansas, United States

  • Please don't limit accessibility.

    Jessica; Pennsylvania, United States

  • I am disabled and reading keeps my mind busy. I am not able to leave the house sometimes or drive so ebooks mean something very special to me.

    Nancy; Missouri, United States

  • please bring ebook to our library. Thank you

    Yesenia; Maryland, United States

  • I want more books available on epub books.

    Susan; Maryland, United States

  • sir, enhancing ones own knowledge is important in order to share with less privileged who could not afford to access knowledge on their own; we have to build knowledge communities to improve life skills. please share knowledge. with others for better society

    Nag; Karnataka, India

  • I am disabled, cannot get out to the library, I am unable to hold the books as they are too heavy, I do not work and I am on disability. It would be beneficial, if it was possible (allowed), for more than one person to read a digital copy at the same time. For example on cable, 100 people can watch the same movie within 3 hours. The cable company doesn't have 100 copies of the movies. Purchasing books becomes very expensive and I try to purchase books only when I cannot get book 4 in a series from the library. Something I cannot comprehend. Books 1-3 in the series are available and books 5-9 are available but not 4. Just a pet peeve that gets expensive. Readers encourage people to read more, at least in my family and circle of friends. Make it easier for us to continue using our brains.

    Joellen; Maryland, United States

  • Sometimes people are unable to go to the library to borrow a book so being able to check out an ebook is more convenient.

    Patricia; California, United States

  • Libraries are the great equalizer sin our society. Regardless of socio economic status one has equal ability to better themselves through library access. Make it easier for folks to loan materials in any format.. After all, isn't it more important to share the information?

    Julene; Pennsylvania, United States

  • I would really like to be able to check out more ebooks from my library. It's much more convenient than having to go to the library (which has limited hours due to county budget cuts). It also allows me to read books at night when I have insomnia and my girlfriend is sleeping. Thank you.

    Janine; Maryland, United States

  • I'm looking fir a soft copy ( E book) of Career Development and Planning: A Comprehensive Approach, 3rd edition Authors: Robert C. Reardon, Janet G. Lenz, James P. Sampson, Jr. & Gary W. Peterson

    Rami; , Jordan

  • I live out in the country and like the idea of being able to download books at any time and not having to waste resources driving into town to get a new read. E-books also have helped the elderly that are no longer able to get to the libraries themselves, continue reading. Please offer your titles to the libraries so that those of us that aren't close to or on limited budgets and can't readily get to a library, continue to do what brings us such great joy!

    Kim; California, United States

  • Please sell e-books to libraries at reasonable price. I purchase most books that I read on my e-reader, but I do like the option of checking books out also. This gives me a chance to try new authors that I have not read before.

    Shirley; Wisconsin, United States

  • Please make available in all formats

    Steven; Maryland, United States

  • I use ebooks often from the library and would love to have more choices.

    Laura; Colorado, United States