You Can Help!

Here’s how you can help:

If you’re a reader:

  • Fill out the petition!
  • Share the petition:
    • in your social media stream (Facebook, Twitter, etc)
    • on your website, if you have one
    • Embed/like/share/favorite the video
    • Leave a great comment when you fill out the petition!

If you’re a library:

  • Fill out the petition (you are readers too!)
  • Share it with your staff
  • Share it with your community:
    • in social media
    • in your newsletter or enewsletter
    • embed the video on your website – ask your customers to fill out the petition!
    • print out and share these flyers (we need to make this)
  • Join us!
    • Create your own video using the Librarian’s Resource Kit, and post it on your website.
    • Let us know about your video or campaign, and we’ll add a link to it on this site.

If you’re an author:

  • Fill out the petition!
  • Share the petition:
    • In social media
    • On your website

Librarian’s Resource Kit:
Want an easy way to use this campaign in your community? Here are some tools to help you do that: